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Welcome to Identity Crisis Costuming where we will be sharing an insight into the costumes we wear, build and commission

Identity Crisis Costuming

Identity Crisis Costuming ICC is an award winning costumer  based in Minnesota U.S.A.


We will be posting progress photos on current and past costumes and props we have built or moddified.

We will be sharing some of the fun photos from conventions and other events we have attended.


Identity Crisis Costuming is a member of the 501st Legion, the Rebel Legion and the MN Superheroes United groups. We do appearances at charity events to help raise money and awareness for good causes.


Dont forget to check out the review page where you can find reveiws on some companies we have worked with and their products.


Check out our Facebook page for even more content.


Identity Crisis Costuming
Identity Crisis Costuming
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