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12th Doctor Who by Cosplaysky
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This is my second costume from Cosplaysky, and I have to say there quality is top notch. The screen accuracy is very close I did have to steam the costume after taking it out of its packaging to remove all of the shipping wrinkles before trying it on, but after that it looks amazing.


OK let's start with the quality and accuracy of this costume. The sewing work is top notch again yet again. The coat and vest are lined finishing off the quality of this costume. The red lining in the jacket looks amazing, but  does not follow up to the collar like the screen jacket. The vest is perfect, however looking at screen shots it may be a black vest not blue, but very hard to tell. The vests finish work looks great and is also lined. The Pants are the least accurate, and the one piece I had a problem with. The pants are made from a blue material, and the screen pants are either a very dark gray or black . Also  If you take a look of shots of Capaldi in the costume you will see the pants are more of a tighter (drain pipe style) fit, and these are for of a standard style.


Costume fit. I supplied my custom measurements to Cosplaysky for this costume via email. The jacket and vest fit beautifully, they both have that tailored feel to them when you put them on and look amazing. The pants on the other hand were the problem, maybe there was a mix up. I received pants that were at least 3 sizes too big for me, however I will be replacing these for a more screen accurate pair anyhow.


Over View. This costume looks amazing all together.  The red lining in the jacket really pops and finishes of the costumes look. If you really want to go for screen accuracy I would upgrade to a different pair of pants, but that s not necessary for a great looking costume. My only issue was the size issue of my pants and their color. I will contact Cosplaysky and let them know about the pants style and color and maybe they will upgrade the costume at some point. Shipping was surprisingly fast for this costume, and even with the pants issue I would still recommend this costume to any Doctor Who costumer out there.

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