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Arsenal Mask By Tiger Stone FX

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I needed a good quality mask to finish my Arsenal costume, and after doing some research and getting some recommendations from fellow costumers I came across Tiger Stone FX.


The quality of the mask is incredible and the details match the screen used mask perfectly. The mask is cast in a very good quality urethane rubber that is very flexible and shapes to the face well. You could use a little spirit gum glue around the nose if you wanted it to look seamless, but I don't think it's really necessary. The mask comes with two strips of satin like material cast into the urethane and some Velcro to use as the closure in the back. I cut off the two strips of satin material and glued on some elastic which feels a little more secure for me.


Tiger Stone FX is located in the UK so bear with them as far as shipping is concerned for us US customers. I would recommend Tiger Stone FX to anyone that is looking for a quality mask. If you are looking for any  type of mask or even a cowl take a look at their site, and if they don't have what you are looking for send them an email or contact them on Facebook as they may be able to custom make you something.

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