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Bilbo Baggins by Cosplaysky
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I picked this costume up from Cosplaysky on a bit of a whim  as Billy Boyd was appearing at a con I would be attending and I thought it would make for a great photo op.


I have a number of costumes from Cosplaysky and I normally would do the custom sizing, however I was under a time restraint with this one and ordered off of the rack sizing this time around. The plus to ordering off of the rack is the turnaround time can be super fast. I think I had the costume in my hand in less than 2 weeks.


As always the quality for the price is outstanding. The shirt would be the only thing I don't care for so much (my fault I will explain later), but it is hidden quite a bit. What you get, one shirt, one vest, one jacket and one pair of pants. All of the pockets are usable which is so handy. The only thing I had to do modifications to was the pants as they were full length and Hobbit pants come to just below the knee.


Quality: The jacket is fully lined with two large usable pocket and fits like it was custom made for me. I asked for the shirt from their Frodo costume as it looked like the collar would look better than the one they offered for the Bilbo one, but it didn't look the same when I had it in hand. Oh well it still worked great once I added the scarf to the costume. There is no adjustment in the vest what so ever so you have to be very sure of your sizing or order using the custom sizing. The pants are made from a thinner material with two useable pockets and again no adjustment, so be sure again on that sizing.


While I was waiting for the costume to come I ordered a few things to finish it all off. I picked up some cheap latex feet and ears which I modified to make them look a lot better, new paint to give them  more flesh like tones and added a little hair to the feet. I found a scarf that worked perfectly, I had to cut it down a little, but it really brought everything together.  I also picked up a wig I modified a little, a Hobbit pipe and picked up a fake apple for second breakfast. And let's not forget the ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL.... .. .

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Bilbo and Billy Boyd
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