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Freddy Krueger Glove by Razor Gloves
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I purchased one of the lower-end gloves from and was a little concerned with how the quality would be on this glove, but WOW this glove is amazing. You can see from the pictures just how well they weathered not just the metal but the leather glove itself. I did upgrade the blades to their mirrored edge version, and am so glad I did. These blades have the illusion of being sharpe, but are completely flat bottomed and more importantly it is con safe. Take a look at the video to see just how nicely the fingers move, and the awesome sound it makes when you snap the blades open.

I placed the order on their web site, which is very easy and straight forward. Shipping was very fast, In fact  I was surprised how quickly I received my glove. I would recommend Razor Gloves to anyone looking for a great Krueger glove for either a costume or just display.

I had a couple of photos done with Robert Englund at Wizard World, and he was so impressed with my glove he asked to borrow it to use in everyones  photo ops that day.

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