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Star Wars Imperial Officer by Cosplaysky
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I am a member of the 501st Legion so accuracy and quality is very important to me. I know the Legion worked with Cosplaysky to make sure this costume was accurate to their standards. This was the first costume I had ordered from Cosplaysky, and to be honest I was a little worried, however once the costume showed up I was very impressed. The fit was perfect except for the pants which were a little big in the waist, but not to the point I could not wear the costume as the tunic covers the waistband of the pants. The rest of the costume was tailored perfectly and fit like a tailored suit. I was very impressed with the finish quality of this costume for the price. The jacket is lined and finished as if it were purchased off the rack from a store. I ordered this costume from their web site, which is very easy to navigate. I did speak with a representative via email and they were very helpful. Communication was a little slow, but lets remember they are in China and I am in U.S.A. The processing and shipping time was very fast considering this costume was tailor made to my measurements. I would without a doubt recommend this costume and Cosplaysky.

This costume will only include the pants and the tunic. The hat I picked up from Think Geek. The boots are ridding boots, the code cylinders I made myself. The rank bar and belt I purchased from members of the 501st Legion.

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