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Roy Harper -Arsenal By Cosplaysky

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This is the costume worn by Colton Haynes (Roy Harper) in the hit T.V. show Arrow from the CW network. I worked directly with Cosplaysky to get this costume as close to screen accurate as possible and was excited to get my order in when they had made the changes I suggested to them. This is a very complicated costume with many parts, so it did take some time for them to make it and get it to me, a little longer than normal for them, but it was so very worth the wait.


While I was waiting for the costume to show up I started making and modifying the props and accessories to finish it off. These consisted of the bow, arrows, back knives, hip knife, belt pouch, crossbow bolts, throwing knives and the batons. Wow that’s a lot of weapons I guess that’s why he is the Arsenal.


The costume from Cosplaysky consists of the pants which are made from black pleather and spandex with red piping accents, jacket which is also made from pleather and has the red fade to black coloring just like the show, black pleather belt and drop holsters also all with red piping accents and the baton holsters that are also made from black pleather. The ensemble also comes with gloves and a mask which I replaced with more screen accurate items.


This costume looks awesome. I did make a few upgrades and modifications to it, but was really happy with it right out of the packaging. The one thing I wanted to change right away was the belt, it is a thin pleather and sags under the weight of the drop holsters when they have their weapons in them. I decided to back the belt with industrial nylon webbing to make it sturdier. I have also since doing these photos replaced the buckle for a more screen accurate one.


The quality of this ensemble is great, I do wish they would use better materials for the rigging like the belts and holsters, but that being said the craftsmanship and needle work is as always top notch. I used custom measurements when I ordered the costume and as always was worried about the fit when it arrived. I was happy to say everything fit perfectly, the jacket is a little snug, but that is how it is supposed to be. The zipper in the jacket doesn’t seem to be of the best quality, and sometimes doesn’t zip up correctly.


Would I recommend this costume? Absolutely. Even with some of the alterations I made this costume is great value for money and close enough to the screen worn costume that most people will think it’s a replica.


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