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Star Wars Snowtrooper - Far And Away Creations (Moncal)
Web Site - DO NOT BUY

I have always wanted to build a Snowtrooper costume and heard that the Moncal kits were one of the best, however I didn't expect the more that two year nightmare that was to come after ordering. You can read my full blog on this ordeal here > BLOG

Now for the costume itself. Once I received the kits and inspected it, it was a great pull from the molds in a very durable material thickness. Everything was pre-trimmed and ready to be put together. All of the hardware was supplied along with a CD with many photos on how to build everything. This is not a hard build and it only took me a couple of weeks to finish.

The soft goods are OK. The duster is not the best, but gets the job done. The pouches are well built and ready to attach to the belt. I had purchased Canadian Military Mukluk boots many years ago that just needed a few additions to be screen accurate.

Over all a great kit that is easy to put together for an iconic costume, HOWEVER DO NOT ORDER IT FROM FAR AND AWAY CREATIONS. 

Quality -   


Accuracy -


Shipping -

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