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Star Trek Next Generation  By Mirror Universe

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I have a few of their Star Trek original series uniforms and I am always impressed with what  Mirror Universe  put together, but this Next Generation uniform blew me away. The accuracy, eye for detail, quality and finish work is just amazing. Screen accurate patterns were used to create this costume and the material for the red was hand dyed to match the screen accurate color. I am in a fortunate situation where Mirror Universe is located close to me and I was able to go in for a number of fittings to get the fit and finish perfect.  This costume is so well put together you would honestly think it was a real uniform. It feels like a tailored suit when I am wearing it and is very comfortable.


Mirror Universe takes commissions, but also has an Etsy store which is your best place to start if you are interested in any of their costume pieces. As I mentioned I am local to Mirror Universe so I cannot vouch for their shipping, however based on how professional everything else was dealt with I would expect the shipping to be handled with just as much professionalism .


Stacie Mossey is an absolute pleasure to work with and I would without any hesitation recommend Mirror Universe  to anyone. Super easy to work with, very professional with a fast turnaround time. I did drop one star for shipping as I just can't vouch for the shipping, as I picked this costume up from them directly.

This costume did not include the com badge, Rank pips or shoes. You can find the screen acurate rank pip and a very nice com badge at


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