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Star Wars Kyo Ren - By Mirror Universe
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I had the pleasure of yet again working with Mirror Universe on this commission. We spent some time discussing what I was looking for them to provide, and what I would build myself. As you may already know I enjoy making props, but when it comes to sewing I am lost. This is where Mirror Universe steps in. I finished the helmet, saber hilt and saber, and they made all of the soft parts. Let me tell you there are a lot when it comes to this costume!

The costume consists of a number of layers. The pleated sleeves are attached to a type of under shirt, the pleated tunic is separate. Then there is the inner robe which is a wool material and then the outer robes which is made from a very heavy specialty material. The last pieces are the leather neck seal and the caplet and hood that are made from the same material as the outer robe.

The quality and construction of this costume is outstanding. Mirror Universe pride themselves in the details and they have captured every one of them in this masterpiece. I have worn the costume a number of time already and can say it can withstand a long appearance time without fail, not so sure about me though. This is a very hot and heavy costume to wear.

Again I cannot comment on Mirror Universe shipping times as I am lucky enough to live close and can stop in there for fittings and to pick up the finished product, but I am sure if there shipping is anywhere near as good as their quality it wouldn't be an issue. The only issue I did have and I blame myself more for this as I didn't set firm deadlines for completion, is I did miss the two main conventions I wanted to wear this costume too.

The boots I ordered custom from Crow Props and the gloves and belt from guys that are member of the Kylo Ren Costuming group on Facebook. You can also pick up really nice belts from Paul Haga on Facebook. The pants I found at Walmart and work perfectly.

I will be taking more close-up and detail shots soon.

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