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The Master (Roger Delgado) by Marie Porter
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This was my first time working with Marie, and I have to say she is very professional in her approach to the costume design and construction. I had an initial meeting with Marie to discuss what I was looking for and we went material shopping. Marie found the perfect material in color and weight, the color is a very dark gray that appears black in photos. I was insistent it should be black but Marie explained it would look better with the dark gray, boy was she ever right. Marie modified a suit pattern to create this costume and designed the mandarin style collar herself, I think it turned out really well. We had a number of fittings to get the fit and finish correct.


Quality, The material Marie picked for this is a very expensive looking suit material, the jacket it lined with a black satin lining and yes the pants have usable pocket. The stitching is perfect and the costume feels like a well made suit when I wear it. The only thing I would change is the pants, they do feel a little too baggy at the thigh area, but nothing that looks horrible.


I am very happy how this costume turned out, and can say Marie was a pleasure to work with. Marie Porter is an incredible seamstress and a very fast worker. This costume she put together from initial design to finished product in just a few weeks. Marie is relatively local to me which made going in for fittings easier. I picked up my finished costume directly from Marie so I cannot vouch for her shipping, I did drop one star for shipping due to this, otherwise the fit, finish and accuracy was top notch. I would without any doubts work with Marie again and recommend her to anyone. Photos by Michael Porter.

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