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Freddy Krueger Mask & Left Hand by Sinister Studio
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I purchased my Freddy Krueger mask and left hand from Sinister Studio. For a lower priced set I have been very happy with them. The set on their web site is called "Incubus Deluxe" and includes both the mask and the left hand, however you can purchase them separately.


The mask and the hand are made from a thick silicone and moves really nicely with your face and hand movements, and looks very realistic. I use makeup around the eyes to blend the edge of the mask with my eyes. I also wear contacts to finish the look. The eye and mouth openings are reinforced, but even with that I do have a small tear (approx. 3mm) in the corner of the mouth, but with the reinforcement it will not tear any further. The hand I have had some issues with and am the least happy with. The fingers of the hand are not reinforced and the silicone there is very thin and will rip very easy. I have had to make many repairs to my left hand and have tried to reinforce it myself from the inside.


As for screen accuracy, this mask does fall short, but for most people who know who Freddy Krueger is it works very well and I have gotten some great compliments on the look, including from Robert Englund. If you are looking for a mask that is screen accurate this may not be the one for you and you will have to pay much more for something more accurate.


When it comes to value for money I would without a doubt purchase this set again even with the lack of accuracy and wear and tear issues I have had. I would like to see the left hand redesigned with some reinforcement though.


Shipping was reasonable and fast. The web site is easy to navigate and there masks are also avalible in their EBay store. The sweater I wear I picked up from Hot Topic and weathered it myself. The glove I used is from Razor Gloves,  you can see my review of the glove here

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