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Valentines Fun

I put together a treasure hunt for my valentine yesterday.

The first clue was in the card which she could not open until 9am. The card instructed her to look for a video on her phone. I had secretly recorded a video on her phone the night before which explained how the treasure hunt was going to work throughout the day and gave her the first clue to follow.

This first clue led to the puzzle box which is a lot harder to crack than it looks. A few hours later she (and her colleagues at work) had managed to beat the puzzle box. Inside the box was the next clue printed on parchment paper and tied with a red ribbon.

The next location would be at home so she would have to now wait till the work day had ended to continue to hunt, but don't worry I had flowers delivered mid afternoon to break up the day for her.

The next clue was the cog heart in the gift box. Again another ribbon wrapped clue which finally led her to her gift. I 3D printed the puzzle box, the cog hart and the gift box.

I hope she had fun with it all.

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