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Save the TARDIS

Let me tell you a story about a small blue box I built for Halloween one year. This started off being a simple project as a quick prop for Halloween, but turned into so much more. I spent evenings, weekends and any spare time I had to get it done. I had just a few weeks before Halloween to get my Tardis built and in place. I didn't follow any plans, I just made it up as I went along just from looking at reference pictures. I was surprised how fast I was able to get it finished and in place. But the story continues...... .

I built the original Tardis to be taken down after Halloween and stored, but once people heard I was going to take it down I was bombarded with messaged and emails to keep it up. I didn't build it to stay up and out in the elements all year let alone almost 5 years. The Tardis has become a land mark here in my little town of Kenyon Minnesota. It was featured in the news paper and you can even find it on Google maps and virtually drive by it on street view. People have traveled from all over to get pictures with it. I have even had people take Prom and wedding photos with the Tardis which sits in my front yard. Kenyon Tardis on Google The Kenyon Tardis has seen better days after being out in weather for so long. It was never built to withstand a Minnesota winter let along 4 of them. My little blue box is starting to fall apart and I don't know how much longer it can stand for. I really bad storm rolled through one year and I had to rebuilt it once, but now its time for a replacement. I am reaching out and hoping to be able to the raise the funds for the materials to rebuild a bigger, stronger and more weather worthy Tardis to take its place. I have done some research in to the lumber I will need to use and it's a lot more expensive than my original build. I plan to use treated wood this time around and once painted seal it. I will be replacing the lighting inside to light up the windows and the lantern on top will still light up just like the current one. My hope is to have the replacement Tardis built this summer and in the old Tardis place before the old one falls down, but I can't do it without your help. Every penny raised will go to rebuilding the Kenyon Tardis.

Please visit my campaign page and share with your friends and if you are able to donate a few bucks that would be amazing too.

Lets not let this land mark fade away into history. HELP RESTORE THE TARDIS Thank you all. You can see the Tardis on Facebook here Kenyon Tardis on Facebook

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