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My Snowtrooper kit nightmare

Far and Away Creations (Moncal)

My Snowtrooper kit nightmare

I have always wanted to build a Snowtrooper costume and heard that the Moncal kits were one of the best, however I didn't expect the more that two year nightmare that was to come after ordering.

I contacted Far Away Creations via email back in May of 2015 asking for information on how much a commission would be including shipment and a time frame for this. I was given the info and decided to proceed with the transaction. I sent them full payment of $830 on May 15th 2015 and was given a completion time frame of 29 to 32 weeks. I sent a number of emails that seemed to take a very long time to get a reply on. I was given a number 53 on the list on September 10th 2015 and move up to 39 in November. I asked for another update in December 2015 and was told I was now 36. I was also told and I quote "The shop has taken on a huge project that we couldn't pass up. It's a great opportunity, but unfortunately it's held the shop hostage. That project will be wrapping up next week and the shop will be resuming normal duties" So in other words all of their customers commissions were shelved until this project was complete. Here is the kicker, I requested an update from them in January of 2016 I had moved from 36 to 38? This was when I started to feel like I was getting the run around.

The update I requested in April 2016 was given to me in May 2016, and I had crawled up to 32 on their list with many excuses on why things were not getting done. I had attempted to contact them via phone a number of time and just get voice mail that they never returned calls from. The games went on for another year with one excuse after another. I emailed them in May of 2017 to let them know I would either like a firm completion date or a refund. I was yet again given excuses and false promises. In mid July I decided enough was enough and retained the services of a lawyer. My Snowtrooper kit was shipped and in my hands by the end of July, exactly 2 years, 2 months and 16 days from the day I ordered it.

I cannot recommend this company to anyone at this time. Total lack of communication, follow up and customer support. From what I understand there are people that are still waiting many years later for their commission orders. I will be placing Far Away Creations on a DO NOT BUY list on my web site.

In other news I did get the kit built and finished in less than a month of receiving it and it is now a 501st Legion approved costume. I will wright a blog about the build another time. You can see my build photo album on my Facebook pager here > Snowtrooper

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